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The Private Intelligence Corporation provides challenging opportunities for those who have a reputation for wisdom and honor. We seek people with specialized knowledge such as current or former intelligence officers, analysts, accountants, attorneys, celebrities, detectives, physicians, and other allied intelligence advocates who may wish to bridge multiple fields. 

If you have a unique background, life experience, strong professional or educational history, or other elements that may help us meet our clients objectives, a PIC assignment may be waiting for you. PIC assignments challenge the deepest resources of personal integrity, intelligence, self-reliance and responsibility.

Applicants should be inquisitive, investigative, and action-oriented. Successful candidates must possess excellent communication and problem solving skills, able to synthesize large or nonspecific data into a strategic picture, able to clearly and concisely convey timely information such as nuanced operational guidance, and must be capable of briefing executives on complex developments under short notice.

Minimum requirements include a bachelor's degree and an unblemished academic record. Military or law enforcement experience, and foreign language proficiency are highly valued but not required.

The PIC background check is extensive and includes a review of work experience, criminal history and illegal drug use.

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