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PRIVATE INTELLIGENCE CORPORATION | Confidential Intelligence Appraisal

This appraisal is designed to identify areas which may jeopardize the success of your business or that may warrant the collection and analysis of intelligence.  PIC will also perform an online screening of your internet intelligence profile and will provide you with recommendations concerning our findings.  There is no charge for this confidential screening test and no information will be divulged to anyone without your consent.  This intelligence appraisal should be used as a screening tool and is not intended as a substitute for a comprehensive needs assessment or legal counsel.



Do you have intimate knowledge of your competitors business tactics? Yes  No
Does your competitor have compromising knowledge of your tactics? Yes  No
Do you have week or adversarial relationship with those with whom could be a supportive ally for your business? Yes  No
Do you have an employee, trusted partner or current job applicant with questionable history, actions or relationships? Yes  No
Is your business or trade name prominently featured when a search for your trade topic is conducted using internet search engines? Yes  No
Do you have a user-friendly website which prominently displays your product or service and compels patronization? Yes  No
Do you have an excessive amount of at-fault incidents or a wide variety of at-fault employees? Yes  No
Do you have an unbiased "outside" perspective on the essential elements of your business (the things most crucial to the success of your business) such as how you or your business is viewed by a customer or competitor? Yes  No
Do you have some other need or concern which you have identified?

If the answer is "yes", please describe any other concerns or business objectives which may warrant intelligence services.

Yes  No






Business Name


I understand that a free confidential assessment of my business will be performed and that it is not a substitute for a comprehensive evaluation or legal counsel.





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